Thursday, 28 July 2011

A DIY endoscope for emergencies during excavation fieldwork

It happens somethime when we are digging: suddently an empty space appeasr under our feets. Normally it is just a small hole, but in some cases it is something bigger (and can be dangerous, expecially if buldozzers or other machines are around). In this video we show how we faced such a situation during an excavation inside a church. Using some material we had in the field (a broomstick, some adesive tape, a led flashlight and a wireless camera with a monitor from the remote sensing device of our UAVP), we build a DIY endoscope to check the underground situation. The interesting thing (IMHO) is the possibility to recombine open hardware components (from the UAVP) in a similar way to open source software.

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