Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Something stupid

Yesterday evening i was working on an illustration for an archaelological publication. The image reguards an amphora I modeled in Blender, which for many reasons I had to cut in half (and along different sections). I lost a lot of time cutting the amphora with a (very simple) boolean operation inside Blender, but the final result was not good enought (especially considering the wasting of time). Finally I had the idea to export the amphora from blender and import it in ParaView, to use the simple "Clip" tool inside the very large filter collection of this software. This simple/stupid solution saved me a lot of time, so I complete my work inside ParaView. It is not the first time I have to use both of these software for a project and, like before, I used the .ply format to exchange models from Blender to ParaView and the other way around. 
In the image below you can see a screenshot of the amphora in ParaView.


  1. The python "Slice" script is also a good way to create mesh sections in Blender :

    1) Create a "Plane" mesh and move it to a area in the target mesh (i.e. amphora model) where you want to create a section.

    Add -> Mesh -> Plane

    2) Select both "Plane" and target mesh (amphora model) and use the Slice Script from the Python Scripts menu.

    Scripts Window -> Scripts -> Object -> _Slice v1.0_249


    3) A 2D section is created from the intersection of the plane and amphora model. This section can be exported as DXF or SVG file.


    The combo "Alt"+"B" can be used to create a virtual cut of the model. This can be very usefull to work with detailed architectural models.



  2. Thank you Ricardo! I hearded about the tool "Slice", but i never tried it. I will use it next time!


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