Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kinect, real time 3D

This week we are doing some lessons in Lund University and yesterday evening we had the opportunity to teach a couple of hours for the Knut student association.
To avoid repeating the same argoument we did during the course, we tried to play a little bit with Kinect and test RGB Demo, a toolkit released under LGPL by Nicolas Burrus.
The results were very good, expecially if you think that RGB Demo has an application to record 3D data in real time. The quality is not comperable (by now) to what you can reach with SfM/IBM techniques, but the system is very much faster. We think that it could have some utility archaeology, so probably we will package the software for the next release of ArcheOS (theodoric).
In the picture below you can see a screenshot of the reconstruction of our room in Lund (Sparta guesthouse), which is our fist test with Kinect. Soon we will update other considerations on the software...

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