Wednesday, 4 April 2012

ArcheOS and UAVP for archaeological remote sensing

Hi all,
Finally I uploaded the presentation we did in the CAA Southampton 2012. Until our website is down (for maintenance), you can see it here. Inside you can find more details about the aerial archaeology project we mentioned in the post Xcopter drone and SfM techniques.
Here you can see the first slide, in the new Arc-Team theme I did playing with beamer, LaTeX :).

As you see the license is the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0), which we are planning to adopt soon also for ATOR to facilitate content sharing.

2016-03-31 Update

Thanks to self-archiving I can now add the bibliography related with this post:

 ResearchGate: Articl

Academia: Article

I hope it will be useful, even if no more up to date it can be a starting point to work in Aerial Archeology with Open Software and Hardware.


  1. From the presentation, I can assume that you are looking forward to test the GoPro Hero2 performances and the Flycam naviboard. Their characteristics look very interesting, first of all in relation with the problem of distortion. Let us know when you are testing!

  2. Hi Sara,
    yes, we want to test the GoPro Hero 2, because it seems very much better to concentrate on UAV piloting and let the camera shoot pictures automatically (like we did with the GoPro) than to control in the same time the drone and the camera (like we tried with the Nikon). Last week we went back to the site of the resentation to take some more measurements with the total station, so that we can check better the level of distortion of the GoPro. Soon we will post the results. Ciao.


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