Thursday 17 May 2012

ArcheOS Caesar beta!

Here is the mail of Fabrizio Furnari on ArcheOS ML:

"Hi all,
Finally, after a bunch of months of work we're proud to announce the release of ArcheOS 4 Caesar beta!
Due to the beta version if hardy discouraged production or mission-critical usage, but great strides have
been done in software choice and reliability from the alpha release.

You're all invited to download and test it, and to notice us any issue on the official project page.
As usual, the file to download is available on the download page of our website.
Once the file has been saved, it should be burned to a CD that, inserted into our computer during boot
will allow you to choose to boot into a 'live' system (more safe because it doesn't write anything on your
hard drive, but at the same time does not allow you to save any data you produce) or to start the
installer to copy ArcheOS on your computer.

At this time we have only one server to let you download the ISO file, so don't worry if it will take a long
time (the file is up to 2GB) or if the connection will be interrupted.
Regarding this point, we're always looking for volunteers to help us spread ArcheOS, maybe offering us
a download mirror...

And now, some link!
To download the ISO file:
To check or submit an issue:
To contact us: please use this mailing list!



Once again, thanks Fabrizio for your work!

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