Thursday 5 July 2012


Hi all,
I received some mails asking me to explain better the differences between the flying techiniques I mentioned in the previous post.
I think that the two videos you can see below are better than too many words to describe this topic. The clips were registered durig our last aerial archaeological project, thanks to the help of Walter Morelli (the pilot).
In this movie it is possible to see the normal way to fly with a quadcopter (Direct Visual Flight). The pilot simply uses the radio-command looking directly the drone, correcting the flight from his point of view. It is the basic flying techniques, but it can be difficoult when the UAV is far away from the pilot. In fact, in this situation, it is not simple to understand where is the front or the back of the drone.

In this other (very) short movie we can see the FPV technique (First Person View), in which the pilot, thanks to special glasses, has the same point of view of the drone. This way to fly is optimal when a low-altitude flight is not enought and it is necessary to send the drone far away from the pilot.   

I hope it was useful. Bye


  1. Hi Luca,

    do you just tried the auto flight, that is using a gps track to follow ?



  2. Ciao Roebrto,
    not yet. We just received the hardware components with the GPS some days ago. Now we have to implement our prototype and to try the autopilot option. We will write a post as soon as we will do some test, but I guess we will need some more time: Alessandro just became a father :)


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