Monday, 25 February 2013

Cloud distance tool.

I was working on different SfM/IBM of a grave we dug in 2010. we have the documentation of four different levels (see picture below). It was a complex archaeological context, with two skeletons buried in different times (double burial), both partially destroyed by the construction of the Renaissance apse. Moreover the tomb was built on the side of a prehistoric house.

I tried to rectify the point clouds inside CloudCompare v. 2.4 (normally i use GRASS with the ply importer addon or MehLab) and I discover this fantastic tool: compute cloud/cloud distance. It can calculate the distance between two different overlapping mesh, similarly to the GRASS command "r.mapcalc". As you can see in the pictures below, the distance analysis between the first and the last documentation can represent the quantity of removed ground. It could be really useful for analysis of damages in buildings.

first point cloud

fourth point cloud

cloud/cloud distance

cloud/cloud distance over the fourth point cloud

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