Tuesday 9 April 2013

Remote sensing with UAV in archeology (lessons at Lund University)

Since 2011, Arc-Team is teaching during the course "digital archeology" at Lund University, introducing the class to the use of Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS) in archeology (with ArcheOS). The course is held by Nicolò Dell'unto (Department of Archaeology and Ancient History). 
This year we had the opportunity to give a lesson regarding the use of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), and more precisely quadcopters,  in remote sensing projects. Our airfield was the Swedish village of Uppåkra, where the University is undertaking an excavation. 
Here you can see a coupe of video recorded in slow motion by our friends Carolina Larson and Stefan Lindgren of the Humanities Lab. Thanks to the slow motion, it is possible to observe the flight stability ...

... and the ability to maintain the position of the last drone we built (more details here).

The use of drones in the field of archeology has also attracted interest from the local press: the magazine of the University (LUM) published an article on the topic:

Radio-controlled helicopter maps
archaeological sites from above

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