Thursday 4 July 2013

Photomapping with Quantum GIS (Khovle method)

Hi everybody
Together with Alexamder Sachsenmaier and Alesandro Bezzi i found out a method to create a photomosaic just with QGIS. The problem was to export the single pictures in a good quality and in the size of the whole photomosaic not just the size of the single picture. But this works fine with the print composer of QGIS
So shortly:
1. edith the file of the ground control points to a .csv file
2. import the .csv file into QGIS (plugin is requiered)
3. change the design of the points
4. start the print composer and export the model with the points. Here its possible to set the dpi: e.g. for an area of 3x2m 500dpi gives a resolution of more or less 1mm
5. start the georeferencing plugin of QGIS and georeference the model
6. to export the wordfile from the geotiff of the model, type the following in the terminal
gdal_translate -co "TFW=YES" input_geotif.tif output_tif_tfw.tif
or open the model in OpenJUMP and close it again
7. georeference all the single pictures with QGIS
8. start the same print composer like the one for the model and export all single picures (dont move the pictures)
9. open the model in GIMP and import all single pictures as single layers
10. give the same name to the wordfile of the model and the photomosaic
Alessandro allready maked a videotutorial:

So, I hope this is helpful for somebody...


  1. A good e-foto rectification alternative.

    Small tip. Inside GIMP you can also use the following method to create smooth erase.

    1) Paths tool

    2) Select -> Feather (choose limit size)

    3) Edit -> Clear

  2. Thank for the post Brigit!
    Many people asked for a methodology in photomapping which could reach the quality of the Metodo Aramus witohut using GRASS. I think now a lot of archaeologists are happy :)


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