Saturday 21 December 2013

Petition for Open Data in Italian Cultural Heritage

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a very interesting event: the School of Data held in Trento (to tell the truth, for working reason, I could see just the last part of the meeting, but it was very instructive). 
There, among others, I met Maurizio Napolitano, one of the greatest expert of Open Data here in Italy, and he mentioned an important initiative which I did not know, that is a petition for Open Data in Italian Cultural Heritage.
This "minipost" is intended to help the petition to reach the objective (some legislative amendments to allow and encourage the use of Open Data in our work, which is also, of course, one of the aims of ATOR).

Here is the link to sign the petition. The goal is set for 200 signatures before December 31, but I think we can do something more :).

Here below you see the main page of the website, where the petition is host.

Thanks for your time and for any help you will give to this cause.

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