Sunday 9 February 2014

ArcheoFOSS 2014: Verona, 19-20th Juny 2014

Hi all,
today I simply post the call for paper of the ArcheoFOSS 2014, which will be held in Verona. The text below has been written by +piergiovanna grossi, of the committee that is organizing the event:

The logo of ArcheoFOSS workshops (done by +Paolo Cignoni)

IX Workshop Free/Libre and Open Source Software and Open Format in the processes of archaeological research

From research to shared knowledge. Technologies, methodologies and language ​​of open archaeology

Verona, 19-20th June 2014

The IX Workshop ArcheoFOSS will be hosted by the Department Time, Space, Image and Society and Department of Computer Science, University of Verona. The workshop will focus on the use of free and open source software and on the opening and sharing of data related to archeology and cultural heritage. Key topics range from field research activities, to analysis and lab studies, to sharing and dissemination via web, including the presentation of excavation, research, study activities and of projects aimed at data processing and dissemination.

Those who want to submit a proposal should send it through the submission form (see to:

The thematic lines are:
- FLOSS systems and tools in archaeological and cultural heritage research;
- FLOSS systems and tools in management, preservation and enhancement of archaeological and cultural heritage;
- FLOSS systems of representation, analysis, sharing and web publishing of archaeological and cultural heritage;
- Projects focused on opening and disseminating archaeological and cultural heritage data.

Workshop sessions, in which the proposals may be included, are:
1 . talks
2 . seminars / workshops
3 . presentations of dissertations or small projects in progress
4 . barcamp
5 . install party or programming section
6 . other ( to be specified by the proposer )

Proposals will be included in the program based on contents, quality of work and number of proposals received.

The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2014 , at 24.00.

For further information see:

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