Sunday 27 July 2014

July 27, 2014: just another birthday for ATOR

... and here we are: the third birthday of ATOR! 
To respect the "tradition" (1st anniversary, 2nd anniversary), today I'll publish some data about our "open research" blog.
This year, unfortunately, there are no new entry between the active authors (or AuThORs, as someone already says), but the number of post has (obviously) increased from 160 to 215, leading to 767 comments from the community. Currently (22:31 p.m. in Italy) we had 253116 visualizations (41708 since last reset of the revolvermaps counter... this time it was my fault). Our members are, up to now, 85 and this means that we have 24 new regular readers.

In my opinion, our little experiment in "sharing tests, problems and results" of our research is working, due to some events that have occurred over the past three years:

  1. through ATOR, Arc-Team's research in archeology increased in terms of development and results
  2. ATOR's post were useful also for other disciplines and sciences (soon more news about this topic)
  3. oldest project (e.g. ArcheOS) took advantage form ATOR visibility
  4. new projects (e.g. Taung project) and derivatives subprojects (e.g. the exhibition "Facce") started also thanks to ATOR
  5. we have improved our English :)

As I wrote last year: "This short post is intended as a thanks for all the people composing the community of ATOR, readers and authors as well", but this time I want to mention the authors (in alphabetical order), without which our blog could not exist:
Bernhard Fischer 

Thank you all!

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