Wednesday 28 October 2015

Australopithecus sediba

The Australopithecus sediba is another important reconstruction done for the open source exhibition "Facce. I molti volti della storia umana" [1]. In getting access to the cast and in producing the 3D model of the skull, to start the to work of the facial restitution, we have been supported by Prof. Telmo Pievani, who put us in connection with the exposition "Homo sapiens" (and with its scientific material). Once the digital model of the cranium has been produced with photographic (SfM/MVSR [2]) techniques, +Cícero Moraes could proceed with the protocol we developed about Forensic Facial Reconstruction [4] of Homini (Paleoart) with coherent anatomical deformation of a Pan troglodytes CT scan [3].
In order to go on with the free sharing and disclosure, under open licenses (Creative Commons Attribution International: CC-BY-4.0), of the material we produced during the preparation of the exhibition "Facce", I uploaded today the result of this FFR in Wikimedia Commons.
Here below is the final image, which has been developed thanks to a joned effort of Luca Bezzi (Arc-Team) and Nicola Carrara (Anthropological Museum of the University of Padua), for 3D model of the skull; +Cícero Moraes (Arc-Team) for the main work of 3D FFR modeling; Prof. Telmo Pievani (University of Padua, Biology Department), for scientific validation.

Facial Reconstruction of the Australopithecus sediba

The anatomical deformation technique, used for the facial reconstruction of the Australopithecus sediba, is well illustrated in the following video (by +Cícero Moraes):


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