Wednesday 25 November 2015

ArcheOS-next codename poll

Due to development problems, we noticed that we will need a new codename for ArcheOS-next earlier than we thought (despite what I wrote in this post). For this reason we have to stop collecting new proposal and start already with the poll, so that we will be able to complete some packages migration from ArcheOS Theodirc to the new version as soon as possible.
Up to now candidates for the ArcheOS-next codename are:

  1. Ishtar (
  2. Cleopatra (
  3. Hypatia (
  4. Lucy (
  5. Artemisia I of Caria (
  6. Hatshepsut (
  7. Zenobia (
  8. Semiramis (
  9. Zhao of Pingyang (
  10. Boudica (   

Please note that we removed the option Jeanne (d’Arc) because, as reported by our friends in France, she is now connected with a political party in France, so that choice could be misunderstood in that country.

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