Tuesday 26 January 2016

gvSIG 2.2 - 3DView plugin

Hi all,
i was playng around the new 3DView plugin of gvSIG 2.2. In this first version it is possible to translate your 2D map into a 3D viewer based on NASA World Wind SDK. Remember that the 2D map must be in EPSG: 4326 . The video below show how to import a vector layer.

The viewer is really fast and simple to use. The active-syncro between 2D and 3D world is a good choice. Since this first version the user is allowed to import vector data, raster data and 3D DTM (as raster). The developers want to improve the import function: features as anaglyph, voxel models, 3D symbols… will be added in the next release.

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