Sunday 17 April 2016

ArcheoFOSS 2016 in Cagliari!

Hi all,
this post is to notify that next ArcheoFOSS workshop (the eleventh edition) will be held in Cagliari, at the local university, by the Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Landscape (it: Dipartimento di storia, beni culturali e territorio). The meeting will take place from the 7th to the 9th October 2016 and the main topic will be: "Knowledges for communication. Tools and open technologies for the analysis and the sharing of our cultural and territorial heritage".

Pictures of Cagliari (by various users from flickr; CC-SA)

This year there will be some novelties and, among others, the fact that the workshop will be associated with the GFOSS Day, the annual meeting of the Italian Association of the Geographic Free Software (GFOSS). 
The conference will be organized with three main sessions: the first day (7th October) will be dedicated to different workshop about Free and Open Source software used for geographical or cultural (and archaeological) aims; during the second day (8th October) some key-note speakers will present general topics (e.g. legislation about the use of open data and public data), while parallel sessions will host more specific arguments; the last day (9th October) will be focused on operative activities, like mapping parties and similar happenings (thanks to the association Sardegna Open Data).
If you are interested in proposing a contribution, here are the thematic guidelines:
  • FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) applied to research (main topic: archeology, cultural heritage and landscape)
  • FLOSS for protection, management and development of archaeological, cultural or territorial heritage
  • FLOSS for visualization, analysis and web-publication of data realted with archeology, cultural heritage and landscape
  • Projects oriented in opening and sharing data (related with archeology, cultural heritage or landscape studies
  • Case studies of using FLOSS in order to develop and share territorial data
  • Experiences in opening and sharing geographic data (cultural, technological and legal aspsects
  • Experiences of institution (schools, universities, public administrations, etc...) in using free geographic software or migrating form closed software to FLOSS or hybrid systems
If you plan to join one of the two workshops, you need to send your proposal, using this module, to this address:
Here you can download the call for papers.
For more informations, please visit the site of GFOSS Day and ArcheoFOSS.

See you there!

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