Wednesday 24 October 2018

"Imago animi. Volti dal passato". The catalogue of the open source exibition in now freely available online

Hi all,
I am very happy to write this post, because finally the catalogue of the Open Source exhibition "Imago animi. Volti dal passato" (en: "Iamgo animi. Faces from the past") is freely available online. This has been possible thanks to an agreement between the Municipality of Cles, which hosted the exhibition, the editors and the publisher of the catalogue.

The official logo of the exhibition

Here are the link to the catalogue and to some of our articles:

1. "Imago animi. Volti dal passato" (introduzione) (en: "Imago animi. Faces from the past" - introduction) 
2. "Ricostruzione facciale forense: realtà o fantasia?" (en: "Forensic facial reconstruction: reality or fantasy?")
3. "Lo strano caso del cranio di Francesco Petrarca" (en: "The strange case of the skull of Francesco Petrarca")
4. "Il sorriso perduto di santa Paolina Visintainer" (en "The lost smile of St. Paolina Visintainer")

Have a nice day!

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