Tuesday 15 October 2019

Forensic Facial Reconstruciotn of St. Catherine of Genua (technical report)

Hi all,
this year we worked on several Forensic Facial Reconstruction (FFR) with our expert Cicero Moraes. One of these projects regards St. Catherine of Genua, whos mortal remains are preserved in the church of the "Santissima Annunziata di Portoria", in Genua, and are considered by the Roman Catholic Church, among the so-called "incorrupted bodies".
The FFR project has been very interesting, since it needed some extraordinary procedures, due to three factors: the exceptional conditions of preservation of the body, the particular structure of the sarcophagus and the history of the different necroscopic reconnaissances of the relics of the Saint.
In order to perform the final FFR, we had to adapt our protocol to this particular situation. The solution came from a 3D model produced with SfM-MVS techniques, without opening the sarcophagus, and from some reverse engineering techniques related with the "Coherent Anatomical Deformation", developed in 2014.
Thanks to the kindness of padre Vittorio Casalino, we can now share not only the final result of our study (image below), but also the scientific report (by now, unfortunately, only in Italian), which you can read on ResearchGate, Academia or simply on the Arc-Team Digital Archive.

The final model of St. Catherine of Genua developed by Arc-Team (FFR by Cicero Moraes, 3D data acquisition by Alessandro Bezzi, historical research by Luca Bezzi)

I will try to translate the text in English ASAP (any help is greatly appreciated), but in the meantime I hope this version will be useful, also to go on with the scientific discussion about FFR (which is pretty animated in the last year).
Have a nice day!

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