Wednesday 18 December 2019

Archeorobotics. Open Robotic Applications in extreme archaeological conditions

Hi all,
as I promised yesterday, I uploaded an English version of our contribution to ArcheoFOSS 2018. The title is "Archeorobotics. Open Robotic Applications in extreme archaeological conditions" and this paper is more detailed, since it explains the development of our archeorobotic equipment and the reason of several modifications, underlining at the same time the main benefits of using this kind of devices during extreme archaeology missions. Here is a direct link to this contribution on ResearchGate.

The ArcheoROV (A) and the ArcheoBoat (B) prototype and some results of their use in professional archaeological missions.

I hope this paper will be somehow useful in improving the discussion about the Archeorobotics and the use of Open Hardware in Archaeology.
Have a nice day!

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