Monday 17 November 2014

A Georgian mission: food for thought

Working as professionals in archeology sometimes means to be involved in projects abroad. Between Monday 22 and Friday 26 September 2014 Arc-Team participate in organizing a mission in Georgia to document the skulls of Dmanisi (Homo georgicus), in order to perform the facial reconstructions for the open source exhibition "Facce. I molti volti della storia umana" (en: "Faces. The many aspects of human history").

Dmanisi's panorama

The work was possible thanks to the kindness of Prof. David Lordkipanidze (of the Georgian National Museum) and to the precious help in logistic organization of our colleague and friend Zviad Sherazadishvili.

The excavation site

During the mission, carried out with Nicola Carrara (of the Anthropological Museum of the University of Padua), I had the opportunity to take some pictures regarding traditional food in Georgia and "pay my debt" with Lucia Galasso (according to this post).
This is the material I collect:

1. An Adjarian Khachapuri (one of my favorite Georgian dishes), served in a restaurant in Tbilisi.

Adjarian Khachapuri

2. Some Khinkali, for a fast lunch in Dmanisi.


3. A shop selling Churchkhela in Tbiblisi (for a good dessert).


I hope this post will be useful for food culture specialists, helping to discover and appreciate the culinary traditions of Georgia.
Once again I have to thank my friend Zviad Sherazadishvili for the kindness and help in organizing the mission!

Group photo in Dmanisi

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