Friday 28 November 2014

Member of Arc-Team receives an honorary title in Brazil

Small press conference. Below left Councilman Fernando Brandão and right Councilman Fernando Assumption.

Dear friends,

It is with great joy that I share with you the honorary title I received from the City Council of Sinop-MT in Brazil. This is an honorific title known as "Comenda Colonizador Enio Pipino," (Commendatory) that is offered the personalities that stand out in various ways, in my case was in relation to computer graphics work exercised with Blender and free software.

 [Subtitled in English] Clipping of TV stories presented during the vote to show the to show the projection of computer graphics work around the world

On November 10, 2014, during the 38th Session of the City Council, the Legislative Decree No. 022/2014 Project was presented under prot. No 808/2014, authored by councilors Fernando Brandão and Dalton Martini, whose main body describes the following:

Decree Law copy signed by the councilors.

"The City Council of Sinop - State of Mato Grosso, in exercise of its statutory duties approved and the President promulgate the following Legislative Decree:

Art. 1. Is granted the Commendation Colonizador Enio Pipino the Lord Cicero André da Costa Moraes - in recognition of the Municipal Legislature for its outstanding performance in computer graphics, helping to project Sinop around the country including at the international level."

Note newspaper with the title "Nerd Commendatory" describing the vote and talking about a creation of a scientif center based on free software

The project was approved unanimously in single vote.

It is important to document that thanks to this commendation the Jamerson Mileski Journal reporter Capital proposed the creation of a science institute devoted to the use of free software, and Councilman Fernando Brandão answered and will lead to the plenary at an early date.

Blog post of Councilman Fernando Brandão about the honorary title and the future project to establish a scientific research center focused to free software
This is the second honorary title issued by the City Council in two years. First it was a Motion of Applause also offered me due to the projection that the computer graphics work achieved at national and international level.

Aerial photo of Sinop city

We of Arc-Team are glad and honored to realize that the authorities and representatives of the population are becoming more interested in free technologies, which above all contemplate the society widely.

We leave here our thanks to City Council of Sinop!

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