Thursday 11 August 2016

geTTexture goes portable

Hi all,
as I wrote in this post, I am building a very simple Android app in order to use geTTexture (the automatic Soil Texture Tirangle +Giuseppe Naponiello  developed) from the mobile, directly on the field. 
Thanks to the work of +Giuseppe Naponiello  the website is now optimized also to be viewed from a mobile's monitor (due to the fact that now the Soil Triangle can be automatically scaled), so that if you have an internet connection on your excavation, you can use geTTexture to define the soil texture of your archaeological layers in a semi-automatic way.
Here below are two screenshots of the mobile app:

geTTexture mobile (upper screen)
geTTexture mobile (lower screen)

By now the mobile app is a simple link the geTTexture developed with MIT App Inventor. Nevertheless I uploaded also the source code of the project on Arc-Team's githup repository (released under General Public license), where you can find also the main software (released under Creative Commons Attribution). Here you can find the binary apk file, to install the app on your mobile. If you want to use geTTexture on your PC or laptop, than you can use this direct link.
Have a nice day!

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