Thursday 27 June 2013

The Taung Child is now touchable, thanks to 3d printing

As Luca Bezzi said in his presentation in Catania, the next step in the Taung project was 3d printing; in a previous post, I explained some issues we found in the original mesh. But thanks to Cicero's suggestions, the problems have been fixed, and 3 days ago Kentstrapper finally printed the Taung Child skull.

Here are some images:

The .stl model

Kentstrapper strongly believe that 3d printing can be a real revolution in education and culture. And, of course, in archaeology 3d printing should also be a great change in museum expositions: facial reconstructions, scale models of ancient buildings or (as in this case) plastic copies of finds could make archaeology much more easily understandable for visitors.

HERE you can download the final .stl file of the skull.


  1. Maybe this can be useful (or just toxic):

    Smoothing 3D Prints with Acetone Vapor:

  2. Look at these two tweet by Kristina Killgrove:

    @MorenoTiziani I was trying to print the Taung skull yesterday! Gotta tweak my MakerBot first to get a good print, though. Exciting!

    @MorenoTiziani You should consider sharing your models via @GitHub. Free, public, and allows people to visualize 3D models in browser!


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