Monday, 23 March 2020

ATOR Project Manager: presentation online

Hello everybody,
despite the difficulties of these days (for COVID-19), we try to go on with normal life and trying to keep ATOR up to date is one of the few tasks we can accomplish from home.
This short post is to report the news that Stefano Campus (one of the organizer of the Italian FOSS4G conference 2020) just notified me: all the presentations have been released freely on internet, within the platform Zenodo. The material is published with open licenses and has a specific DOI.
Here you can see all the presentations of the Italian FOSS4G 2020 (which was held in Turin) and here is a direct link to our slides, about the prototype of Virtual Vocal Assistant for archaeology we are working on, thanks to our friend Andres Reyes.

Have a nice day ("It can't rain all the time")!


  1. Hello. After downloading the zip file what steps are needed to watch the full presentation of the project? Thanks.

  2. Hallo,
    you have to open with a browser the file foss4g_ator_project_manager.html (preferably Firefox)


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