Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Speleoarchaeology: recovering old maps in 3D

Hello everybody,
during these days I am working on a speleoarchaeological project regarding a cave called "Bus dela Spia" ("Spy's hole") in Trentino. I already wrote about our first mission in this environment, looking of archaeological evidences. The data I am working on now comes from a new exploration, performed in January 2020.
I will report soon more details about the second mission, but now I would like to share a short video showing the result of a test I did to try to recover some old maps and sections to use them as base cartography for our project, which was focused on the 3D documentation of some specific AOI (Area Of Interest).
Here below is an image showing the old documentation of the "Bus dela Spia", based on past speleological explorations (supported by underwater spelunking activities). As you can see, despite the same scale-bar, the map and the section report different values on the X axis. This is due to the fact that the section does not follow a linear path, since the cave, obviously, is not straight, but, while the 3D path of the of the map has been projected, as usual, on a bi-dimensional plane, the section has been "enrolled", reducing (avoiding?) any projection.

The old documentation (map and section) of the "Bus dela Spia"

To manage this kind of data in an easier way I tried to restore in Blender their original shape in 3D. I will describe this process in future post on ATOR, by now, as I said, I just show the result with the video below.

I will use this raw 3D model to position our 3D documentation of some archaeological evidences, performed via SfM -MVS, trying, in the meantime, to recover some old laserscan data (2009).
I hope this post will be useful, if you will ever have the same problem (in combining map and section of old documentation). I will try to publish more detail about the work-flow ASAP. Have a nice day! 

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