Sunday 19 January 2014

Aerial archaeology with FLOS Hardware and Software

Hi all,
today I post an old presentation which I had no time to publish before. Its title is " Aerial archeology with FLOS Hardware and Software" and it is related with a lesson I gave during the Italian Virtual Heritage School 2013, held in Pisa at the headquarters of CNR
In my speech I tried to summarize Arc-Team's experience in aerial archeology from 2006 until July 2013. For this reason the slides are a little bit outdated, but the presentation still contains valuable informations for people who want to start with aerial related documentations with free and open source tools.
The first section of the slides is dedicated to an introduction about the two main component of our  Free and Open Source Remote Sensing Platform: ArcheOS (software) and an open source UAV (there are many option, like the UAVP, the ArduCopter, or the KK derivated copters).
The second part of the presentation shows the prototypes we built, both open source (UAV and KKcopter) and commercial (DJ Naza).
In the third branch I tried to summarize in a kind of "blueprint" animated infographic the main structure of a quadcopter. And later I simply repeated the post of ATOR in which Alessandro Bezzi described how to build an open source xcopter (KK board based).
In the fifth section are shown some possible quadcopters configurations, while in the sixth part is analyzed the evolution of the flight techniques (also considering different conditions that can influence the work).
Finally I presented some cases of study and, at the and, are just some tips based on our experience.
The presentation is embedded here below (just click on the window and press space to navigate). As usual in ATOR, it is released with CC BY, so if you need (also just some part of it), you can reuse the material in your work. I hope it can be useful.

For a better view, click here 

2016-04-26 Update

Thanks to self-archiving I can now add the bibliography related with this post:

 ResearchGate: Article

Academia: Article

I hope it will be useful, even if no more up to date it can be a starting point to work in Aerial Archeology with Open Software and Hardware.
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