Wednesday 24 October 2018


Hi all,
this fast post regards the FLOSS openMVG. This software is our first choice in documenting archaeological evidences in 3D (via SfM), from the ground level (for Aerial Archaeology we often use MicMac).
Due to the fact that, in the last years, we started to gradually abandon a simple 2D documentation, our use of openMVG increased significantly. For this reason we developed a small script to speed up the use of this software (without its GUI: openMVG-GUI), adding some preliminary operations (like a general quality reduction of the pictures via ImageMagick) and registering some statistics about the whole process. The script is released through the GNU General Public License and it is freely downloadable here. At the same address (on GitHub), you can help us in improving the script. Like always, any kind of help is be greatly appreciated (also simple language translations, since the script is currently in Iatlian). 

Archaeological 3D done with openMVGScript (image quality reduced to 2000 px)

In the next future we would like to use ImageMagick to add a variable to the script, in order to optimized pictures for underwater 3D archaeological documentations, following the methodology we used in some of our past missions.

The process statistics reported by the script

Have a nice day!

"Imago animi. Volti dal passato". The catalogue of the open source exibition in now freely available online

Hi all,
I am very happy to write this post, because finally the catalogue of the Open Source exhibition "Imago animi. Volti dal passato" (en: "Iamgo animi. Faces from the past") is freely available online. This has been possible thanks to an agreement between the Municipality of Cles, which hosted the exhibition, the editors and the publisher of the catalogue.

The official logo of the exhibition

Here are the link to the catalogue and to some of our articles:

1. "Imago animi. Volti dal passato" (introduzione) (en: "Imago animi. Faces from the past" - introduction) 
2. "Ricostruzione facciale forense: realtà o fantasia?" (en: "Forensic facial reconstruction: reality or fantasy?")
3. "Lo strano caso del cranio di Francesco Petrarca" (en: "The strange case of the skull of Francesco Petrarca")
4. "Il sorriso perduto di santa Paolina Visintainer" (en "The lost smile of St. Paolina Visintainer")

Have a nice day!
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