Thursday 26 January 2012

ArcTeamFindings (Android app)

Hi all,
today I post a message from our friend Szabolcs Köllö, who is developing an application for android which will make our field-work easier and more accurate.
Here is the message:

"Welcome to the first video of the ArcTeamFindings Android app. This app has the purpose of handling findpoint data on an excavation and store the data on a LAMP-Server. The App is in pre-alpha status and under heavily development."

... and here is a preview video:

I am looking forward to use it... duplication of layers or finds codes is a pretty disappointing error during an archaeological excavation :) 

Friday 20 January 2012

Playing with GRASS 7 (

It is always interesting to play a little with the active development version of GRASS (actually GRASS 7).
Yesterday I had the time to try the ply importer (, written by Marcus Metz, and everything worked fine! By now I simply tested a ply pointcloud, but I plan to go on with the experiments and try something more complicate. In the image below you can see the ply visualized in GRASS 7 Map Display (I gave a different color to each point, basing on its z value) and (over the Layer Manager) the same file loaded in MeshLab.

By the way, if you want to try something similar, but you don't want to compile GRASS 7 in your system, there is a ply importer also for GRASS 6 (written by Marcus Neteler).

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Thursday 12 January 2012

Some funny experiments for ArcheOS Theodoric

In the last two days we experimented some new software, which could be interesting for ArcheOS Theodoric. These tests regard the topic of Augmented Reality and are done using ARToolkit. Here is a short movie with some 3D models:

The models are:

1) the TOPOI Loewen (one of our first experiment we did with SfM/IBM during our presence in the TOPOI house in Berlin, in 2009)

2) the GRASS GIS 3D symbol, we modeled for this ATOR post (regarding how to import dxf in GRASS)

3) the skull we did with SFM/IBM, using a turntable (from IKEA). It is related with this post, but we used the same data also for this experiment.

4) An excavation area we documented in Khovle Gora, Georgia (for Sandra Heinsch, Walter Kuntner, University of Innsbruck; Prof. Vakhtang Licheli, Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

5) the DEM with orthophoto of S. Michele area (Trentino - Italy), where work our friends of GIS and Remote Sensing Unit of Fondazione Mach, kindly offered by Marcus Neteler

Tuesday 3 January 2012

ArcheOS 5 Theodoric repositories

Thanks to Fabrizio Furnari we have now the repositories of ArcheOS Theodoric (v. 5). To add them into synaptic follow this specifications (both for binary and source):

Distribution: theodoric
Section(s). main contrib non-free

In this way it is also possible to test the new package qgis-archeos-plugin, which you will find in the repository.

Monday 2 January 2012

QGIS extensions for ArcheOS call for testers

#                      WARNING                       #
#  This post is obsolete; please refer here  #

Hi all,
we just finished to build an extra package for some QGIS plugins (CadTools, PyArchInit and Vterrain). The package has a lot of dependencies, due to the software it needs to install (in particular Virtual Terrain Project) in order to run the python scripts. If someone wants to test it, here is the link. The dependencies are also packaged and can be downloaded in a zipped file here. They will be automatically satisfied just when the packages will be inserted in ArcheOS official repositories, so (by now) the right sequence to install them is: 
  1. squish
  2. quickgrid
  3. mini
  4. proj
  5. gdal
  6. vtp

 Be careful, the package is still experimental and it is possible that it does not work properly. It is released under the GNU General Public License (read carefully the disclaimer of warranty, chapter 15). It has been tested on a Virtual Machine with ArcheOS Caesar, as you see in the image below.

If you want yo try it, and your ArcheOS Caesar version is old, just remember to add in the repositories of GFOSS, in order to install the package QGIS 1.7 (which is now in the official ArcheOS Caesar release). Here are the specifications:

Distribution: squeeze
Section(s): main

If you want to send your feedback, just post a comment in this post, or use the official ArcheOS ML (it or en).

Sunday 1 January 2012

And the winner is...

And the winner is... Theodoric! 

Theodoric (bronze statue in Innsbruck) - license: public domain
It seems that also the fifth version of ArcheOS will have a male codename (female quota are postponed until next vote, sorry girls...). In the image below you can see the final result of the preferences our community has expressed. By now on we can work on ArcheOS 5 Theodoric. Thank you for voting! :)

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