Friday 27 November 2015

ArcheOS 6: Hypatia!

Now we have the new codename for ArcheOS-next release!

... and the winner is:

 Hypatia !

Detail from The School of Athens, by Raffaello Sanzio (which a popular tradition identifies with Hypatia). Image under Public Domain (from wikipedi, user Yamara)

Thank you all for voting! Now we can start in fixing the package migration for ArcheOS 5 (Theodoric) to the new one, working on archeos-meta code.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

ArcheOS-next codename poll

Due to development problems, we noticed that we will need a new codename for ArcheOS-next earlier than we thought (despite what I wrote in this post). For this reason we have to stop collecting new proposal and start already with the poll, so that we will be able to complete some packages migration from ArcheOS Theodirc to the new version as soon as possible.
Up to now candidates for the ArcheOS-next codename are:

  1. Ishtar (
  2. Cleopatra (
  3. Hypatia (
  4. Lucy (
  5. Artemisia I of Caria (
  6. Hatshepsut (
  7. Zenobia (
  8. Semiramis (
  9. Zhao of Pingyang (
  10. Boudica (   

Please note that we removed the option Jeanne (d’Arc) because, as reported by our friends in France, she is now connected with a political party in France, so that choice could be misunderstood in that country.

ArcheOS new issue on GitHub repository (how to)

In order to simplify reports regarding ArcheOS from the community, I just uploaded on YouTube a short videotutorial which shows how to register a new issue on our main repository on GitHub.

Here is the video:

I am sorry for the low quality, but I think you can understand the single steps. Next time I will try to do it better :).
Have a nice day!

Monday 23 November 2015

ArcheOS-next (new release) codename

Since we started again in developing ArcheOS, we will soon need a new name for the next release (it is important also to maintain a certain continuity with what has been done for ArcheOS Theodoric).
For this new version we would like to have the name of a woman, as until now we just chose male historical figures (it should be a sort of tribute to all our female colleagues around the world).
If you want to participate in choosing the next codename for ArcheOS, just send us your ideas using one of our traditional channels (FaceBook, the development Mailing List, or ATOR itself, commenting this post). We will collect the names during this week and later we will set up a poll to choose the winner, like we did last time
The "candidates" should be female notable and historical figures, better if somehow in continuity with the old codenames we used (Akhenaton, Sargon, Xenophon, Caesar and Theodoric).
We are waiting for your proposal. Thank you very much!

The Halicarnassus relief with two "gladiatrices", thefemale counterpart of gladiators
(image from Wikipedia released under Public Domain by the user RsAzevedo)

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