Saturday 23 December 2017

Project Red Lake open data: 3D bathymetric chart

Hi all,
it has been a long time without post here in ATOR, but this year we had to work on several different projects, without the possibility to report fast feedback in our blog.
I start today to write again, due to the fact that some of these projects grab the attention of different institutions of the academic world and, in particular, this happened for our underwater archaeology missions. 
Of course our primary interest during our diving is related with the archaeological perspective, but often the data we collect can be useful for other specialists (e.g. limnologists or biologists).
This is the reason why we decided to share our data and we start today with the bathymetric chart of Lake Tovel (previous post in ATRO: 1, 2). I processed this map working on the Red Lake Project, a research, directed by Prof. +Tiziano Camagna, which tries to study the medieval submerged forest of Lake Tovel (Trentino - Italy). I produces a 3D model of the bathymetric chart of this lake directly digitizing the map of Edgardo Baldi did in the '30s. Than I calibrated the result with the LIDAR model of the landscape, freely accessible form the geographic open data portal of the Autonomous Province of Trento (here a short tutorial about how to download data from the webgis).

Here is possible to download the file (an ESRI ASCII grid), ready to be integrated in most of the GIS software (below a screenshot of the data in GRASS GIS).

Tovel Lake bathymetrci chart in GRASS GIS

The data are available under the following license:
Creative Commons License
Lake Tovel 3D bathymetric chart by Arc-Team is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

I hope this data will be useful. Have a nice day!
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