Tuesday 4 August 2020

S. Catherine of Genua FFR: technical report published

Hello everybody,
this summer we are working very hard on some important tasks (an archaeological excavation on the UNESCO site of S. Maria in Valle in Cividale del Firuli and a cultural project with 3D scanning for the National Archaeological Museum MaRTA of Taranto), so I have very few time to write post on ATOR. BTW I do not want to give up, since I think ATOR has been (still is?) a good resource for Free and Open Archaeology on the web. For this reason I will try to keep it up to date with short post, as long as I can.
This post regards the  publication of the technical report of an old (2019) project of ours: the archaeological Forensic Facial Reconstruction of S. Catherine of Genua. I already wrote about this project, which, in short, presented some interesting aspects: the use of OrtogOnBlender for 3D scanning, some reverse engineeing techniques and the free publication of the technical report.
In this post I want to underline this last point. In fact, the free disclosure of this document, with open licenses and in a digital form, reached a wider public (not only among researchers, but also among normal people), so that the Museo dei Cappuccini di Genova decided to print a small  brochure, basing on the technical report, enriched with some contributions of other authors. I think this a good example of free disclosure of scientific and cultural data through the digital publication of the so-called gray literature (technical reports, archaeological documentations and so on) which is widely produced by professionals who work in the field of Cultural Heritage, but it is very rarely disclose.
I will try to translate in English this document as soon as I can. Here below you can see the printed version.

The printed version of the technical report about S. Catherine's FFR project.

Have a nice day!
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