Monday 9 September 2019

ImageMagick: images to pdf

Hi all,
the time to write new post in ATOR is always less and less. This year we were very busy on the field with several projects that I hope I will be able to report in this blog soon (no idea when...).

This short post is my personal attempt to reactivate the project ATOR (as well as the project ArcheOS), also writing very short texts like this one, inspired by the work we are doing everyday. In this sense I will go on writing also very simple tutorial, since I would like ATOR to remain a source also for newbies.

Today I start with a very simple operation, which can be useful when we have to study old (unpublished) historical sources from archives and libraries. As an example, in these days I am working for the official presentation of the Forensic Facial Reconstruction of St. Caterina Fieschi Adorno from Genua, a project we accomplished thanks to our forensic expert Cicero Moraes. To prepare this reconstruction I had to study some historical sources from the "Archivio Storico dei Cappuccini di Genova" (EN "Historical Archive of the Capuchins of Genoa") and, thanks to the kind help of Dr. Simonetta Otta and fr. Vittorio Casalino I had access to the original scans of old technical reports, written by several specialists who studied the preserved body of St. Caterina during the years. These scans were, obviously, a series of raster images and, in order to simplify their consultation, I composed them into a pdf. To perform this operation I simply used one of ATOR open software: ImageMagick

In short, I simply start the terminal, browsed the image folder (cd PATH_TO_IMAGES) and give this command: covert *.IMAGES_EXTANSION OUTPUT_NAME.

This short videoturial is showing this simple process. I hope it will useful to someone. Have a nice day!

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