Thursday 4 August 2011

Archaeological automatic drawing

In 2009 we were looking for a system to get a fast and easy way to draw a lot of archaeological finds automatically. Thanks to the help of Simone Cavalieri (who found in internet Adrian Secord's algorythm) we developed a methodology which, combining different Free/Libre and Open Source Software, has speeded up our drawing techniques. The main point of the problem was to get an automatic shading through dots, to respect most rules in archaeological drawing. The solution was the software Stippler, which gave us promising results. In the image below you can see just an example of automatic shading with a test low quality picture of the Venus of Willendorf (downloaded from Wikipedia).

Shading with stippler (stippler-GUI)

2016-04-28 Post updated

In 2010 we wrote an article (in Italian) about this technique:

"Proposta per un metodo informatizzato di disegno archeologico" (here in ResearchGate and here in Academia).

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