Monday 5 September 2011

UAVP indoor flight

Just a fast comment about our experience with the UAVP. If you want to try to build your own DIY flying drone, do not underestimate (like we did...) the time you will need to practice with it and to become a good pilot. The whole project will take you through 4 steps:

  1. build the frame (simple)
  2. connect the electronic components (not so simple, you will need experience in soldering)
  3. program the UAVP (to find the right configuration for your drone)
  4. learn to fly (difficult)  
Anyway the last step is also the most fun! Just remember that there are different flying conditions (wind, outdoor, indoor) and it is better to practice with most of them. In the video below, you can see our first indoor flight (pretty different from outdoor open spaces).

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