Monday 14 November 2011

ArcheOS tutorial updated (transforming coordinates into GIS shapes)

In 2006, after our experience during the Aramus Excavations and Field Shool, we started a project to write documentation about Archeos. The project was possible thanks to the effort of the Institut fuer Alte Geschichte und Altorientalistik of Innsbruck University (Willfrid Allinger-Csollic, Sandra Heinsch and Walter Kuntner) and it is based on a wiki system (dokuwiki). Its aim consists in sharing the know-how in computational archaeology, starting from the lessons we (Arc-Team) do every year during the excavation in Aramus. All the contributes are written in the form of tutorials and released with an open license (generally FDL). Any help from the community is welcome (updates, review, etc...), especially new documents from new authors!
After the release of ArcheOS 4, most of the tutorial  will need updates and today i started with the document "Transforming coordinates into GIS shapes" which explain how to convert raw data from total station into basic geometries for GIS (in this case OpenJUMP). The tutorial is available here. I hope to update soon the next one ("Photomapping (metodo Aramus)").

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