Sunday 11 December 2011

QGIS and Virtual Terrain Project

Yesterday I worked a little bit with Alessandro Bezzi to compile  the source code of Virtual Terrian Project inside ArcheOS 4. This operation was pretty simple, thanks to the instruction written by Roberto (BobMax) in his blog, and everything worked good. Than we tried to combine QGIS and VTP with the script Roberto wrote and, also in this case, we were lucky: to run the software it was necessary just a small correction inside the source code of the python script (a wrong path to the binary executable of Enviro). By now on we can work to build the deb package for ArcheOS, but we still have to clarify some points (especially regarding all the libraries connected with VTP). Anyway i think that, with the help of Roberto, we can package an optimized version of the software, to run with QGIS.
Here is a screenshot of QGIS and VTP with some example data (Hawaii Maui Island).

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