Thursday 12 January 2012

Some funny experiments for ArcheOS Theodoric

In the last two days we experimented some new software, which could be interesting for ArcheOS Theodoric. These tests regard the topic of Augmented Reality and are done using ARToolkit. Here is a short movie with some 3D models:

The models are:

1) the TOPOI Loewen (one of our first experiment we did with SfM/IBM during our presence in the TOPOI house in Berlin, in 2009)

2) the GRASS GIS 3D symbol, we modeled for this ATOR post (regarding how to import dxf in GRASS)

3) the skull we did with SFM/IBM, using a turntable (from IKEA). It is related with this post, but we used the same data also for this experiment.

4) An excavation area we documented in Khovle Gora, Georgia (for Sandra Heinsch, Walter Kuntner, University of Innsbruck; Prof. Vakhtang Licheli, Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

5) the DEM with orthophoto of S. Michele area (Trentino - Italy), where work our friends of GIS and Remote Sensing Unit of Fondazione Mach, kindly offered by Marcus Neteler


  1. Fantastic job!!! Congratulations and keep the good work.


  2. Very very very very interesting !


    Roberto (BobMaX)

  3. Thank you both,
    now we go on experimenting on the hradware side...


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