Sunday 15 April 2012

Which license for ATOR?

Sometime we receive emails from people asking if it is possible to cite ATOR post in other publications. Of course we like to share our post freely, so we chose a Creative Commons license. Actually we are using a CC-BY-NC-SA, because we wanted that informations from ATOR remain freely accessible, but now we notice that the conditions NC (Non Commercial) and SA (Share Alike) can be a problem, because in most cases they prevent the publication in the standard paper edition. For this reason we are evaluating the use of a simple CC-BY, which will allow to cite ATOR in a more easy way.
But before to change we would like to know your opinion about it, so we create the poll you see in this page on the right. Please let us know your preference!


  1. Hello.
    Personally I use BY-NC-SA in my blog, because as you said your information remain freely, I feel that when you use something like BY only, you just let people all your hard work hoping they make a fare use of it.

  2. Hi,
    thanks for the suggestion. We will consider also this option.


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