Saturday 8 December 2012

That's enough! We want drivers!

Hi all,
as you know, normally ATOR's main topic is related with archeology and open source ("open archeology"), reporting news, data, test and researches with free/libre and open source software and hardware. 
This time I write about something more general, but in a way connected with these arguments: the lack of a good support for GNU/Linux drivers from some hardware manufactures. 
This problem is not new and, through the years, we had to face with it during the development of ArcheOS, but it has never been as hard as this time, when, working on the next release (ArcheOS v. 5 - codename Theodoric), we found on our way the NVIDIA Optimus graphic card (the video below explain this concept from the "Linux gamers" point of view).

That's why today I decided to repost the call of the Istituto di Istruzione Secondaria Statale Ettore Majorana
Here I simply translate their post in English:

We ask Linux drivers!

This is the struggle we will fight together with other sites, blogs, forums and with the help of you all. We will just ask to the hardware manufacturers, with a simple email, the Linux driver (that are often not supported). Maybe many of you will not believe it, but in this way we already won some battles. Anyway it cost nothing...
We must make our voice heard. We are tired to buy PC with just Windows driver. If they will not listen to us, in the future we will buy only from the hardware manufacturer more susceptible to this problem. 

Battles already won 

Surely this time is different, but this method can work. Here are two examples of struggles already won, thanks to your help:

1) Free Software, finally also Italy has decided

2) Hands off Majorana

... So let's go everybody. Send e-mail and spread the initiative (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, e-mails, friends, acquaintances, etc...)! Maybe this time, if we are many, things will adjust.

This initiative comes from our site and ItaliaUnix (managed by Gianmaria Generoso). With the hope that many other will join us...
To all of you who will participate, thanks in advance!


Here is a suggestion to copy and paste for the object and the text of the e-mail (of course you can also write one that suites you best and send it to companies that you want). We start with the well-known Asus.


Serious problems to use your hardware

I'm using one of your devices but it can't support Linux as well as Microsoft Windows because I haven't the necessary drivers. Please give me the right drivers for Linux, otherwise I will not  buy nothing from you anymore. I also will invite  friends and other people not to buy anything signed by Asus because of its incompatibility with Linux or other Open Source Operative Systems. Regards.

The initiative's logo
Do you also support, like I do, the Majorana Institute initiative? In this case you can send an email to hardware companies that do not provide GNU/Linux drivers or help in spreading the struggle.
Thank you!

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