Thursday 17 October 2013

Augmented Reality at Cultways

Yesterday Arc-Team attended the workshop "Cultural tourism and mobile technologies" organized by Trentino Sviluppo in the city of Rovereto. The meeting was related with the European project Cultways and, although we had not participated in the work (already concluded), we were invited to show some related research we did for other institutions (especially the Soprintendenza per i Beni Librari, Archivistici e Archeologici di Trento).
Here below is the poster we presented, done (like always) with Inkscape and GIMP:

The poster for the workshop

In addition to the poster, we prepared some Augmented Reality applications, to show the potentialities of this techniques in Cultural Heritage.
The first installation we did is a prototype for the upcoming exhibition that should take place in Padua in November 2014, as a collaboration between the Antrhropological Museum of the city, Antrocom Onlus, and Arc-Team. This event, called "Facce. I volti della storia umana", is the natural evolution of the Taung Project, and is ideally connected with the exhibition "Faces da Evolução" which took place in Curitiba (BZ). Both of the exhibitions are intended to be "open source", as the data, the software and the know-how has been (and will be) shared through the net.
Here is a short clip of the application, which is based on the joint used of Augmented Reality and 3D printed objects with RepRap (with the help of our friends of Kenstrapper):

The second installation we prepared is a prototype we developed for the Museum of Torre di Pordenone, in order to allow tourist fruition of part of the roman villa buried under the garden.

The third application regards a pilot project we are working on for the Archaeological Office of the Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano Alto Adige/ Autonome Provinz Bozen Suedtirol. The research is connected with a survey to map and document the WW1 evidences in the territory. As an experimental stage of the same project we are testing some Augmented Reality tools to develop cultural sightseeing of the landscape, looking to the commemoration of this event which will be in 2014/2015. Currently we are considering the possibility to print interactive maps like the prototype below:

Just an example of interactive map

Please notice that the informations displayed in the map are not geographically correct: they are just an example to show all the possible kind of data which can be loaded (images, movies, 3D models).

Another possibility for tourist fruition are interactive panels, like the one below...

A test for a panel

... in this case we just added a simple image, but, like the map before, we could load movies or 3D objects.

All the Augmented reality applications were done with Open Source and Free Software. I will describe these tools in the next post, but you can already find some information here in ATOR (just search for this topic).

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