Tuesday 3 March 2015

Project Tovel part 3: georeferencing historical maps

In many archaeological GIS a very important step is the study of historical maps. During the Project Tovel this stage has been a primary target, being strictly related to the 3D reconstruction of the underwater surface of the lake. In fact one of the best source for the bathymetry of Tovel is the plan drawn, between 1937 and 1938, by Edgardo Baldi (director of the "Istituto italiano di idrobiologia Dott. Marco De Marchi" of Pallanza, currently incorporated in the National Research CouncilInstitute of Ecosystem Study).
To Import Baldi's map into my GIS, I simply used the "georeferencer" tool of +QGIS, based on the related CTP (Carta Tecnica Provinciale) I loaded previously. The short videotutorial below describes this operation:

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