Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Rediscovering Ancient Identities in Kotayk (Armenia)

Since some years crowdfunding has become a new resource in archeology, providing support to those projects which have difficulties in financing the many research activities connected with historical investigations in general.
Despite our team has not yet tested the true potential of this system, today I would like to help some colleagues and friends who decided to experiment this way of funding for their expedition in the Kotayk region (Armenia). 
Their mission started in summer 2013 and tries "to register and study all the archaeological sites along the upper Hrazdan river basin, in the Armenian province of Kotayk. The project is organized by the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, the International Association of Mediterranean and Oriental Studies (ISMEO) and the Italian Foreign Affairs Minister." Up to now the team achieved some remarkable results, locating 56 historical/archaeological sites and starting an excavation in the well preserved iron age fortress of Solak.
If you want to support their effort in recording and analyzing archaeological evidences in the Kotayk region, you can find more details in their official Indiegoo page.
I personally met most of the team members (Dr. +Manuel Castelluccia, Dr. Roberto Dan and Dr. +Riccardo La Farina) between 2010 and 2011, when they joined (between 2010 and 2011) the missions of Aramus (Armenia) and Khovle Gora (Georgia), in which I was working with Arc-Team for the Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altorientalistik

The visit to the city of Vardzia, during the mission in Khovle Gora (2011)

There I could appreciate their commitment and professionalism. For this reason I wish a very successful 2015 mission for the Kotayk Survey Project, hoping to get soon some feedbacks from this interesting project also here in ATOR!

A moment of relax during the mission in Khovle Gora (2011)

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