Sunday 18 October 2015

ArcheOS at Linux Day 2015

"Saturday, October 24 returns the main Italian event dedicated to GNU/Linux, free software, open culture and sharing: dozens of events all over Italy, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of visitors will be involved  to celebrate digital freedom!"

This incipit comes from the official website of the event and summarizes what the Linux Day has been until now. As this year there will be also an event regarding ArcheOS (presented by +Leonardo Zampi  in the city of Florence, at the organization Libera Informatica), I took the occasion to write a post with some links regarding the archaeological GNU/Linux distro, so that this material will be available for anyone who would like to show also this particular branch of the FLOSS universe.

Let's start form the official website, which has been completely renovated by +Fabrizio Furnari and +Romain Janvier, accessible at this address:

The main website

As you can read there, we have two mailing list: one for the users and the other for developers.

If you are familiar with it, you can also contact us on our IRC Channel at FreeNode (#archeos).

For those people who would like to work on the code, we use GitHub to develop the main system as well as all the related software projects (source packages, patches, small applications, GUI, etc...).

Finally (for the users), thanks to the collaboration of the University of Innsbruck (Near East and Ancient History Department), we have a wiki system in which we are slowly uploading tutorial and videotutorial. The website is available at this address:, but currently is under migration on a new server and will be not accessible for the next couple of weeks. I will keep this post update about the progress of this operation as soon as I will have news.

In the next days I hope to find the time collect more material regarding ArcheOS and to write a post about articles and presentations of the last years. Stay tuned!

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