Wednesday 16 December 2015

ArcheOS Hypatia Nexus package (call for testing)

Hi all,
Since we are working on a project related with a 3D gallery of WW1 remains, we are using the 3DHOP application (which has been also suggested by Nicola Schiavotiello in the ArcheOS-dev Mailing List), developed by the Visual Computing Lab of the CNR-ISTI (Pisa - Italy). In order to exploit the full potential of this software it is useful to use the tool Nexus (see the related issue in ArcheOS github) , to create batched multiresolution mesh structures (to enable Level of Details  - LoD - visualization). 

An example of simple visualization in 3DHOP

For this reason, today I took the occasion to build a simple binary package (for amd64), to be tested for ArcheOS. If someone wants to help in testing the package, it can be downloaded here. Please report in the comment of this post your feedbacks. 

Thank you all!

LAST UPDATED 2016-01-29

In order to implement the two new packages in ArcheOS Hypatia in a short time, we changed the architecture field of the control file of 3DHOP deb package to let it work with all the machines, while we compiled a new i386 package for Nexus. If you want to test the new packages, here are the new files:

3DHOP (architecture all)

Nexus (architecture i386)
Nexus (architecture amd64)

Soon we will update archeos-meta in order to implement these two software.

Any help in packaging is much appreciated!

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