Monday 22 August 2016

St. Paolina Visintainer. Recovering a lost smile

Thursday 9th June 2016 in Vigolo Vattaro (Trentino - Italy) was held a conference regarding the figure of S. Paolina Visintainer, who was born in this town in 1865, and in general the immigration issue. 
Among the other interesting contributions, a special mention has to be made for the work about Italian immigration in Brazil during the XIX century, presented by Cesar Augusto Prezzi, which focused on the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Caterina. This research illustrated the hard journey Italian and, in general, European migrants had to face to reach the new world, often losing their relatives along the way (in many cases buried at sea), in order to escape poverty and war (a story that sadly remembers the current travel of refugees).

Ship with immigrants in Santos

Our (Arc-Team) contribution to the conference regarded a more particular topic, connected with the person of St. Paolina: her Forensic Facial Reconstruction aimed to recover her smile. Indeed Mother Paolina is remembered as a smiling and good-natured person, but, due to the fact that the only photo we have were taken in sad moments of her life, we have no representation of her more natural expression. From this singular issue, +Cícero Moraes  started to work in order to recover her lost smile, with the help of the artist Mari Bueno and Prof. José Luis Lira.
Here below I uploaded the video of the presentation I gave during the conference, in which are presented the partner of the project, the main work-flow and the final result:

while here is the clip shown in the final part of the slides:

Here below is the final image of the Forensic Facial Reconstruction of S. Paolina Visintainer, performed by Arc-Team's forensic artist Cicero Moraes, who also accomplished also the 3D documentation of the skull with SfM techniques. like always in ATOR, this material is released under CC-BY licenses.

The Forensic Facial reconstruction of S. Paolina Visintainer (with the reconstructed smiling expression)

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