Friday 18 November 2016

Homo naledi

As time goes by we noticed that the post we should write are always more and more, while our free is decreasing. Today I have a little bit of extra-time, as I am travelling on the train, so I decided to publish some other data referred to the open source exhibition "Facce", we organized in Padua in 2015 (from an idea of the curator of the Anthropological Museum of the University Nicola Carrara). 
As maybe you know, the exhibition was based on the topic of human faces and one section ("Guardiamo in faccia la diversit√† umana") was dedicated to human evolution. This section has been presented this year also in Genoa (in the Doge's Palace) at the Science Festival 2016. We already published some of the 20 facial reconstructions of hominini, performed with the technique we developed (Coherent Anatomical Deformation). 
Here I would like to present the new entry of the Genoa's exhibition: The Homo naledi:

Facial reconstruction of Homo naledi
As always, the Facial Recosntruction has been performed by Cicero Moraes (Arc-Team), while the scientific validation has bees done by Telmo Pievani and Nicola Carrara (University of Padua). On the contrary of what happened for most of the other paeoartistic reconstructions, this time it has not been necessary to scan the cast of specimen, but we could use directly the composite skull of Homo naledi (based on DH1 and DH3), constructed by Prof. Peter Schmid in September 2015, as a Courtesy of the University of the Witwatersrand and the Dinaledi project. The files were downloaded from, Duke University.

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