Friday 15 November 2019

Speleoarchaeological exploration of the "Bus de la Spia"

Hi all,
this short post is a fast report of our speleoarchaeological exploration of the natural cave known as "Bus de la Spia" (EN "Spy's whole") near Sporminore (TN - Italy). The mission was organized, thanks to the mayor of the town Mr. Giovanni Formolo, within a larger project regarding the Cultural Landscaper of Non Valley, promoted by the local APT (Tourist Office).
The mission was filmed by two different crew, composed by the technicians of Big River Film Co. (U.S.A.) and Damiano Clauser LandShot (Italy).
This exploration achieved positive results, certifying the presence some historical "graffiti" dating back to World War I and collecting a fragment of a wooden board. Despite its excellent conservation, this sample is probably connected with the first explorations of the cave at the beginning of XVIII century. In fact the wood has been preliminary analyzed by Dr. Mauro Bernabei of CNR-IVALSA (the institute of the Italian National Research Council specialized in wood sciences). It is a made from an European sprud (Picea abies) and it is composed by 41 rings (probably dating from 1680 to 1721). During the mission was also observed a particular speleothem (a coumn), probably broken during an historical earthquake (maybe the 1976 Friuli earthquake), very interesting for archaeological study of these phenomena.
For more details about this speleoarchaeological exploration, here is the direct link to the technical report (by now in Italian only). 
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The broken column inside the Bus de la Spia cave

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