Friday 30 March 2012

QGIS for Android

One of the most interesting presentation we have seen in Southampton (CAA 2012) was the one of Jitte Waagen (Amsterdam Archaeological Centre, University of Amsterdam), regarding "Learning Sites" (a free and open source communication and data-exchange tool for archaeological field-work and education). Jitte said that by now they use net-books and GPS for their project, but they planned to port sooner or later everything on Android smartphones or tablets. Their problem, if I understood well, is that they need a portable version of QGIS for Android, as their project is based on this desktop GIS.
I could not help them in Southampton, because I did not remember exactly where to fine informations about QGIS and Android, but now that I am back home I can check ATOR and find Gunther's report (in Szabo's post) about this topic. Here is the text:

I do not know if you know the QGIS project for android? I think it might be interesting in the context of field work with the android tablets.

The website Gunther suggested is very interesting (I added in the "interesting blog" list) and from there I jumped here:, where I found more information about the project to develop an Android version of QGIS. Here is a screensot of the website:

So I hope that this post will be useful for Jitte (if he will ever read it...) or for anyone who could be interested in Android an QGIS and I want to thank again Gunther for his report. I also want to remind the two posts of Szabo about the tool he is developing for Android (excavation-oriented): ArcTeamFindings (Android app) and


  1. Hi there! Thanks for your follow-up, it took a while but I found it.

    The issue with QGIS and our application (name changed to OpenArchaeoSurvey, website still under development) is that QGIS for Android didn't support a Python runtime at the moment of my CAA 2012 presentation, which we need to run our plugin.

    As I visited the QGIS for Android today, I saw that Python support changed from low to high priority last May, so that's promising!

    For our current fieldwork project, we are solving the issue by pushing a Debian compile with QGIS onto a Motorola Xoom.

    If you need any more info, or have some for me, please contact me ( I'll keep an eye on your blog.

    Thanks again for your follow-up!

    Jitte Waagen

  2. Hi Jitte,
    we are also considering to run directly ArcheOS (Debian based - Squeezy) in a tablet to work out-door. Maybe, when it will be ready, we could insert OpenArcheoSurvey in ArcheOS, if you agree.


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