Saturday 5 January 2013

ArcheOS 5 (Theodoric): testing Vokoscreen

One of the main problem in doing videotutorials for ArcheOS 4 (Caesar) regarded the possibility to record the desktop activities when using 3D applications. Here is my report about this topic in ArcheOS ML. As you can read, the software we chose (recordMyDesktop) was not able to record videos (just a series of screenshots) of windows displaying 3D objects (like other similar tools: Istanbul, Xvidcap, Shuter). 
Since I was using ArcheOS Caesar, I solved the problem with glc, before, and with ffmpeg, later (thanks to this post of Cicero Moraes). These two options have certainly high performance, but they are not user friendly for newbies. 
Now that we started again with the development of ArcheOS 5, I think we will need a simple tool to record video of 3D applications and maybe I found a good solution: Vokoscreen.
The video below shows a fast test I did with this software. The data comes from the Taung Project and were developed by Cicero Moraes.

With this new tool I hope that ArcheOS users will help us in doing videotutorials or simply in recording demonstrative videos of Theodoric in action.

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