Sunday 27 January 2013

We want you, for ArcheOS

In the last weeks we started again with the development of ArcheOS 5 (codename Theodoric) and I have to say that the first results are really promising, especially thanks to the work of Fabrizio Furnari and Romain Janvier.
The reorganization  of the whole system, planned by Fabrizio, is leading to a better management of the entire project. Moreover the division of the internal software in thematic metapackages (CAD, GIS, etc...) will help final users in customizing their own version of ArcheOS (in accordance with their specific needs).
On the other hand, Romain is working really hard to build source packages of the different applications, so that ArcheOS 5 will be architecture independent.
Last but not least, the 3D artist Cicero Moraes is preparing a brand new artwork for the upcoming release. If you are curious, just take a look on the preview for the splashscreen below.

New artwork from Cicero Moraes
So, what's missing now? Just you!
We need your help to improve ArcheOS 5! 

We want you, and GNU ;)

Any kind of help is welcome! Some examples? You can give us suggestions for a better software selection, or write tutorial (as well as record videotutorial). If you have some computer skills, you can package the missing applications, or develop new ones...
In any case, you can find us as usual on the developer mailing list or, even better, in our brand new IRC chanel (thanks to Fabrizio). The server is FreeNode and the channel #archeos. 
I prepared a short videotutorial to illustrate how to join our channel in a fast way.

We wait for you there ;)


  1. There will be a Spanish version? I can help with translation

  2. HI Edwin,
    we are always looking for volunteers to translate documentation and software (it was one of the points I forgot to mention in the post). If you would like to help us, just join the IRC channel. You can speak directly with Fabrizio Furnari (aka dirichlte), who is reorganizing the documentation.


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